Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome to Julia's Studio

Julia's Studio is a private art school for anyone interested in drawing, painting, and learning to make art with the guidance of an experienced teacher and professional artist. I teach at my home studio in Seattle. Classes are small with lots of individual attention and range from ongoing, full-year courses of 8 weeks each, through a series of two- and four-week focus classes on a wide array of topics, to one-day museum visits.

Coming up in the 8-week Julia's Studio class series is Drawing the Human Head.

In addition, private mentoring is available for all levels from beginning to professional. Delve into a skill you need help on, or receive thoughtful and constructive feedback on a body of work. Rate is $70 per hour, $105 for and hour and a half, and $135 for 2 hours. Email me to set up a time.

It's cold out there! Come on over, bring your paper and pencils, have a cup of coffee in my studio with a view, and warm yourself in the study of that most worthwhile of human pursuits: the making of art. 

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