Saturday, March 7, 2009

Museum visit NEW DATE: Sunday, April 19

Join me for the next Julia's Studio Museum Visit to

Seattle Asian Art Museum
Sunday, April 19
$42 (non-SAM-member)
$33 (SAM member)

There is nothing like looking at paintings from another country to bring home the mystery (and delight) of cultural perspective. These lush images burst with life and story, and at the same time they present visual viewpoints quite different from conventional western ones. Let's look for ways to understand the stories as well as the visual elements of the paintings by noticing connections to other work, discussing what we see, and sketching the paintings to make them our own.

All are welcome to join me for an early dinner following the class at a restaurant nearby, TBA.

Read Jen Graves' review of this gorgeous show in the Stranger.

Contact me to reserve your space. 

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