Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flower class: New June dates

Drawing Flowers in Color
It's spring! Join me for an exploration of flowers and plants in the versatile mediums of aquarelle pencils and aquarelle crayons. Starting in pencil and charcoal to focus on gesture, structure and value, we'll switch to aquarelles to capture color ideas and explore composition. Develop your drawings using techniques from hatching and pastel-like effects through translucent washes and opaque layers. Working from still life arrangements indoors and from plants at the Conservatory at Volunteer Park, you'll learn simple ways to organize complex subjects that can be applied to anything you look at, including contour, shapes, spaces, relationships, and value. In addition, discover ways to draw out the abstract elements in your subject and develop surprising, original compositions with line, pattern, shape and color. The class includes some essential color theory and lots of technical tips, as well as a look at flowers and plants in art history for inspiration and information. A springy spirit of experimentation is encouraged as we delve into nature's jewel-box. All levels welcome, no experience necessary.

June 9-30
(June 9, 16, 23, 30)
4 sessions $144

June 9, 23
University Heights Building 
5031 University Way NE, Room 211 
Seattle, WA 98105 
June 16, 30
Volunteer Park
1402 East Galer Street
Seattle, WA 98112 

Vincent van Gogh
Irises, 1889
Oil on canvas
28 x 37"
Getty Museum, Los Angeles

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