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Drawing the Figure 3: Light & Shadow/Anatomy

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About Drawing the Figure: the Course

Drawing the Figure 3 description

Details and How to Register

About Private Mentoring


Leonardo da Vinci


Pen on red prepared paper

253 x 197mm

Biblioteca Real, Turin

About Drawing the Figure: the Course

Julia's Studio presents Drawing the Figure, a course in four parts designed to make the most timeless, fascinating and rewarding subject in all of art accessible and learnable.

Each part of Drawing the Figure is made of 8 concentrated, 3-hour classes designed to maximize your time and learning experience. The classes feature lots of demonstrations, in-depth instruction and concrete approaches to drawing the figure that you can apply to anything you see.

Featuring a combination of four live model days per 8-week segment, alternating with guided explorations of master drawings, paintings and sculpture, Drawing the Figure offers a rewarding, practical approach for beginners and a rigorous refresher for more experienced artists.

As one of my students, you are entitled to a one-hour private mentoring session either before the first class begins, during or after the eight weeks, included in the class cost.

**It is still possible to join the class, even if you missed Drawing the Figure 1 & 2! Please contact me for a free consultation.**

Thank you for joining me in studying the art and skill of figure drawing.


Class Description

Drawing the Figure 3: Light and Shadow/Anatomy

In Part 3 of Drawing the Figure you'll study the ways that light reveals form. Learn the difference between modeling the form and drawing light and shadow, then explore techniques for combining them effectively in fully modeled, volumetric drawings.

Along the way, you'll study some key points of human anatomy as they relate to art and work on integrating this information about the figure into your drawings.

Watch your drawings become dramatically three-dimensional, informed, and expressive of the human body as we progress further into rendering convincing form.

As always you are encouraged to join in art history discussion designed to expand your drawing vocabulary and broaden your understanding of the figure in art.


Edgar Degas


Black Chalk on Paper


Details and How to Register



March 10, 17, 24, NO CLASS March 31

April 7, 14, 21, 28

May 5

8 sessions

Includes 4 live model days

Includes a 1-hour private mentoring session



University Heights Building

5031 University Way NE

Room 211

Seattle, WA 98105


Email me to register

Classes are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. This class is now officially open for registration. Spaces are limited.

After I receive your email I will confirm your space with you and send you payment information. Full payment is due March 3, or within a week of receiving your confirmation email.

Classes start on time!

Thank you for signing up.

Questions? Drop me a line


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Private Mentoring

Private Mentoring is what I call the "rocket fuel" of drawing instruction. Artists and students of all levels can benefit from mentoring. The one-on-one format in which you have my undivided attention is an effective way of advancing your skills rapidly. It's also an excellent option for experienced artists who are looking for a fresh perspective or who need to fill in technical gaps, hone content, strengthen compositions, or create goals.

You can choose how you use your dedicated time: bring work you've done for me to review and offer my constructive feedback, practice drawing or painting, with exercises I tailor to your questions and requests; get help on a specific technique you're not clear on or would like to strengthen; or designe a personal program of study based on your goals.

You can bring any visual work - collage, ceramics, sculpture, painting, drawing photography, graphics, illustration - to your session, or just bring yourself and an idea of what you'd like to work on.


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